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St. John Bosco: Saint of Mercy and Reconciliation

Mercy is an amazing mystery of God’s love. As the psalmist retorts, ‘who can understand the mind of God?,’ we can never fully understand the depth of God’s mercy. Mercy is a manifestation of God’s love. The Year of Mercy … Continue reading


COMPASSION: Love in Action

In 2014 Matt Lemire, a young school boy from Manchester, New Hemspire in the USA was diagnosed with cancer. His periodic chemotherapy made him bold headed and looked disfigured. Matt felt uneasy to report to school in such condition. But … Continue reading

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Bear Wrongs Patiently

“Even as the earth bears those who dig into her, To bear with those who revile us is the foremost of virtues.” “It is always good to endure injuries done to you, But to forget them is even better.” “Even … Continue reading

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Children During the Long School Holidays

(Letter to the Editor published in New Vision, Uganda, November 2011) The Big Story of Sunday Vision, 30 October 2011 was indeed big. The story spoke about the “night life” of some of our teen age children (Where is your … Continue reading

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Homosexuality: Let Humane-Love Prevail

In the past couple of weeks American media is filled with news of “same-sex” marriage. The Supreme Court of the United States of America has approved the so called “same-sex” marriage in all the states of country. This verdict comes … Continue reading

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Works of Mercy: Comfort the Sorrowful

(Article published in Munno Voice, Uganda, 17 January 2016) Comfort the sorrowful is one of the Spiritual Works of Mercy that every Christian is called to practice, especially during this Jubilee Year of Mercy. The word ‘Comfort’ comes from the … Continue reading

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Joy Vs Happiness

Joy is the response to something bigger, something eternal and often comes from conquering oneself and willingly enduring suffering, insults, pain, humiliation, or hardships for a virtuous cause. Joy Powerpoint – Retreat Talk – Plain power point

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Maturing in Discipleship

1. Understanding the complexities of life with empathy. It is being able to understand the realities of life in black and white, either-or, good as well as bad. It is also understanding the movements of our hearts and our motives. … Continue reading

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(Article published in Education Focus, “Daily Monitor”, 30 November 2015, p.45) Population statistics tell us that over 70% of Ugandan population are below the age of 30. Now the question is how much attention is given to this section of … Continue reading

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Counsel the doubtful

A humane Work of Mercy (Published in Munno Voice, Uganda on 10 January 2016, for Year of Mercy) Counsel the doubtful is one of the Spiritual Works of Mercy seen in the scriptures. As an act of mercy it intends … Continue reading

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