PORNOGRAPHY: Defiling Young Minds

Internet children pornography addictionMatia Senfuka was a hyper-active boy from his early childhood. He was curious about everything, whether they are things of study, intellect, electronic gadgets or anything that he got hold of. His family is known for friendly atmosphere and entertaining friends and visitors. Hence he grew up to be a friendly person and always asked very curious questions right from his childhood. He always got answers to his questions whether they were appropriate or correct.

Matia’s brothers and sisters who were few years older to him were also similar to him in character. Having contact with several people, they had very many connections and influx of information. They spoke things beyond their age and level of growth. They brought in reading materials, video and audio CDs which are of adult content. Together with many friends they had great fun within their home and outside. Often these “entertainment” was willingly available to Matia.  Thus he was “matured” beyond his age.

With his curious nature and his above average intellect he could excel in his studies. Right from his primary studies he always found time to read books and other materials outside his curriculum. At school he was regarded as a boy with high IQ (intelligent Quiescent) and good at General Knowledge. After passing with good results in Primary Leaving Examinations his parents took him to a leading government school for his secondary education. Here he continued to read many other things besides his lessons.

Now being in a boarding school he missed his exciting and electrifying materials of his home. He looked for different ways in getting them. He became friendly with students who are in higher classes. They lend him some of those materials at his request. As the years rolled by, Matia grew in age and intellect. Now in Form IV he had easy access to pornographic materials. His suitcase and school bag were filled with cuttings of sexy pictures and CDs. He no more felt embarrassed or scrupulous in having access to pornographic materials and being watched while buying or borrowing them. Instead of being embarrassed he posed himself as a “mature adult” in handling these materials. Together with his friends from neighbourhood he used to watch them at home when their parents have gone for work.

Now having finished his secondary education and grown as a young adult he also came in contact with several female friends. He introduced some of them to his own interests and entertainment. His conversation and mannerism resembled things he heard and watched. His friendship surely had the impact of media he is used to. He has become slave to his “entertainment” and an addict to pornographic materials. He used good portion of his pocket money and the means that are meant for his educational advancement.

Now his latest source of pornography was internet. He spent at least one or two hours a day to surf pornographic websites. He watched images of naked human beings, homo-sexuality, explicit sex-act and violent sex crimes against women and children.  He also got hooked to people of his nature in social network such as Facebook and netlog.

Matia who was much interested in General Knowledge and reading is no more interested in acquiring knowledge. His language became vulgar. His attitude towards opposite sex became coarse. He also got addicted to the practice of masturbation which he could not control. His nature was well shown in his face, behaviour, make-up, dressing style and of course his foul-mouthed language. His own family members and friends became apprehensive of being close to him. Now he needed a serious psychotherapy to overcome his emotional and psychological problems. He could not have healthy relationship with others or live normal life anymore.

Pornography is a generic term that encompasses all sexually oriented material intended to arouse the reader, viewer or listener.  It is like a virus that eats the healthy cells. It is a portrayal or communication of obscene writings, images and music of sexual content targeting human mind so as to excite feelings to eroticism. Probably the word ‘Pornography’ comes from communication/writings of prostitutes in ancient times in Greco-Roman territories.

These media contents aim at making the person to think about or act upon them in the way it is suggested. Human mind is sexual in nature. Unfortunately in matters of sexuality our human mind reacts more easily to perverted feelings than to upright feelings. Ill-motivated people or organisations try to capitalize on the weakness of human nature to make monetary gains or propagate their illicit ideologies. Through pornography they recruit like-minded people or even unsuspected people to their group or ideologies, for example people with homosexual tendencies.

Pornography can be mild, that which is available in news papers or even in educational materials given with good intentions of use. It can be strong through magazines, video or audio materials which more easily available for little resource. It will be hard core when the user goes for it with addiction and spends time and means for it. So in different degrees they affect the user in different levels of impact.

As a matter of fact Pornography robs us of our very meaning of life, the true meaning of love, sacredness of our body and sexuality. Sex is portrayed as something for gratification. It fails to look at our bodies as sacred and an image of God. It demeans the human dignity of it creators and users. It leads to a world of fantasy and deceit.


The clergy should educate the young faithful, the true meaning of human sexuality as a gift of God and a gift to be used in a sacred manner. Through moral education in schools and churches children and young people should be guided to use media and means of communication in a mature way. Students in schools and especially those in boarding sections should be monitored with more caution regarding the use and spread of pornographic materials among them. Ministry of Education, Ministry of Ethics and Integrity and other related government bodies should make awareness among students and young people the evils of pornography and the harm they can do to young minds.


Parents should supervise children during holidays, by checking on their reading materials, means of entertainment, possession of materials, types of friends and their use of internet facilities. Parents and adults in families should set example to younger people at home by not bringing home or using pornographic materials in the presence of their children. Government through media council should be strict in formulating and enforcing laws to curtail publication and sale of pornographic materials.

It is human and Christian duty of every mature adult to stop young people in accessing pornographic materials in moments of day to day life.

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