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Uganda Martyrs: Fifty Years of Glory and Challenge

It is now 50 years since we are blessed with 22 Martyrs of Uganda. They are not only for Uganda or for Africa; they are gift to the whole Church. They are indeed a precious gift for strengthening Christians world … Continue reading

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First Martyrs of Rome

The terrible martyrdom of the early Church of Rome earned the famous quotation, “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of Christians.” It mirrors the saying of Jesus, “unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, … Continue reading

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Know your Spiritual DNA

We have all heard of DNA. It is deoxyribonucleic acid, the hereditary material in humans that is passed on from generation to generation. We are identified with a particular generation or a species because of possessing a particular DNA. In … Continue reading

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Spirit and Us: Fruits and Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Religion makes sense when it connects the day to day events our life to the Spirit world–the world of God. Devoid of that it religion remains only in mind or our imagination and it will not be use to our … Continue reading


Pope St. Pius X: Beginning of Golden Age of Papacy (1835-1914)

“Born poor and humble of heart, Undaunted champion of the Catholic faith, Zealous to restore all things in Christ, Crowned a holy life with a holy death.” These words engraved on the tomb of Pope Pius X in the crypt … Continue reading

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St. Polycarp: Rome’s Illustrious Martyr (AD. 160)

(Feast Day: February 23) When Polycarp who was already advanced in age was brought forward, the Pro-Consul of Roman court asked him if he were Polycarp, and when he admitted it he tried to persuade him to deny, saying: “Respect … Continue reading

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PETER & PAUL: Apostles one in Faith

Feast day: June 29. Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity built his Church on the apostolic foundation–the men he choose to his co-workers as he began his ministry in Galilee. Among them Peter was the greatest. Jesus recognized Peter as … Continue reading

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Blessed Mother Theresa: Serving God in the Poor

Mother Theresa is undoubtedly one of the greatest Christian witnesses of 20th century. She taught the world how to be human and she showed that by being human one can become divine. She preached God’s love through simple actions rather … Continue reading

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St. Maximillian Maria Kolbe: Life Freely Given

Pope Francis twitted, “Saints are people who belong fully to God. They are not afraid of being mocked, misunderstood or marginalized.” In the case of Father Kolbe he was brutally killed in a prison camp. Among the thousands of holy … Continue reading

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St. Mary Mazzarello: Strength in simplicity

Many saints have reached the height of sanctity through the path of simplicity. Holiness that emanates from simplicity is associated with childlikeness, plainness, straightforwardness, unfussiness, austerity and cleanness of mind, heart and soul. These synonyms of the word ‘simplicity’ can … Continue reading

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