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MARY: Space for Spaceless God

We know her Mary of Nazareth… It is the traditional Jewish society the groom and the family looking for a prospective maid Background check—the family, the virtues, and her manners. Has already made the choice. Mary was found worthy. He … Continue reading

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DEMONS OF PRAYER: Obstacles to Prayer (Power Point Presentation)

A Retreat Talk presented in Power Point suitable for young people, Religious and others…. Though reflection points are not mine, the slides are prepared by me. Fr. Arasu. DEMONS OF PRAYER – Retreat Talk

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Poor Church, For the Poor

“Oh, how I would like a poor Church, and for the poor,” exclaimed Pope Francis at the moment of his elevation to Papacy. From the beginning of his Petrine Ministry the Holy Father has made a decisive statements about the … Continue reading

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PETRINE MINISTRY: Pastoral Work of the Holy Father

“You are Peter, on this rock I will build my church,” (Mt 16:18) said Jesus to Peter as he commissioned him to lead the apostles after him. The name “Rock” is not a reference to Peter’s personal character but rather … Continue reading

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St. John Bosco, the Saints-Maker

Little John Bosco was only nine years old. He was almost obsessed with the idea of becoming a priest, so as to work for poor and abandoned boys like himself. One day he had a strange dream. In the dream … Continue reading


Sin of Abortion, Pope of Mercy

(Appeared in “Monitor”, a leading Newspaper in Uganda on 4th September, 2015). It is difficult to categorise Pope Francis as a conservative pope or a liberal pope. But surely he is a people-concerned pope. His recent pastoral visits have earned … Continue reading


Silence is Sacred, Noise is Greed

Noise is a characteristic of  secularism that thrives on materialism and consumerism. Dictionary gives words such as greed, avarice and covetousness as synonyms of materialsim and gives the word generosity as its antonym. This explains it all. Our life in … Continue reading

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