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RELIGIOUS LIFE: Keeping it Pastoral

Choosing to be a Vowed Religious is choosing to live Christian life deeper than others who live their ordinary Christian life in a secular world–the Laity. Vowed Religious (being members of religious congregations and institutes of consecrated life) take the … Continue reading


Religious Fundamentalism

What is Religious Fundamentalism? It has never been easy to define the term. Each one understands religion as one’s heart dictates. Fundamentalism is a rigid adherence to what it conceives of as the fundamental principles of its faith, usually resulting … Continue reading


Pornography and Human Sensibility

In the past few weeks Ugandan newspapers reported several news items related to nude photos of artists in social media and sex-tapes being circulated in Kampala. Government and civil organisations are trying to fight the vice with the available rules … Continue reading

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Digital World, Pope Francis’ Suggestion

Pope Francis’ monumental encyclical Laudato Si has become an instant hit not only among the Catholic Faithful, but among all people of good will. The Holy Father has taught us how to combine our faith, science, morals and daily life … Continue reading

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Violence Breeds Violence

David Alithum is a Form Three student. He is an introvert. He rarely makes friendship with people. He only forms clichés with few students who are also very much like him in attitude and behaviour. Students and even teachers do … Continue reading

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Adventures of a Campuser

John Komakech is a son of a fallen soldier who lost his life in Northern conflict over ten years ago. Besides the little the compensation money the family received from the government the only source of income for the family … Continue reading

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God, Please let me live my life

Dominic is an ambitious young man. He “belongs” to the modern world that was the irony in his name, ‘Dominic’ meaning ‘belong to the Lord’. His parents too were ambitious people who instilled in his mind a desire to excel. … Continue reading

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Sexual Network

Andrew was a studious, pleasant and a happy boy in an outstanding Christian school. After his excellent results at Advanced Level studies he went to Makarere on government sponsorship. He was brought up well by good Christian parents. He always … Continue reading

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GIRL CHILD: Rising above vulnerability

Francesca always dreamt of being a nurse. It was her childhood dream. As a child she used to play a nurse with a toy stethoscope made of strings and bottle caps. She too was endowed with humane qualities such as … Continue reading

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PORNOGRAPHY: Defiling Young Minds

Matia Senfuka was a hyper-active boy from his early childhood. He was curious about everything, whether they are things of study, intellect, electronic gadgets or anything that he got hold of. His family is known for friendly atmosphere and entertaining … Continue reading

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