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Teenager in a Broken Family

Michael Watum was tossed between his mother and father because they had been separated for several years ago. There was no formal divorce in their relationship because they were never officially married! Every now and then he was thrown from … Continue reading

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Lost Years in Aimless Adolescents

Joseph Ntege is a “lost” student in his class. Nothing mattered to him in school. Though he has reached Form Three hardly anyone could say anything about him in class. Teachers who taught him for three years besides knowing his … Continue reading

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Impact of Boarding School in Adolescent Growth

Joan comes from a middle class family. As it is an ambition of middle class families to educate their children in a best way possible, parents struggled hard to educate their four children. They sacrificed their own comforts for the … Continue reading

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My Summary of Bishops’ Pastoral Letter on Election in Munno Voice, Published on 7 December 2015 In August 2015 the Catholic Bishops of Uganda through their umbrella organisation Uganda Episcopal Conference issued a Pastoral Letter titled “Free and Fair Elections: … Continue reading

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SYNOD ON FAMILY: A Lesson for Our Church in Uganda

“What is the most challenging pastoral problem in your local church?” An eminent pastoral theologian asked this question to a group of students of Pastoral Theology who came from different corners of the earth. I was part of the vibrant … Continue reading

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