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Commercialization of Education in Uganda Today

Offering education and doing business seem worlds apart, but in Uganda a proprietor can be successful reaping super profits after setting up a school as a business. Many ‘education entrepreneurs’, as could be referred to them, will engage all business … Continue reading

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YOUTH MINISTRY: A Way to Holiness

Lubanga Sam (not real names) has lived on the streets for at least five years. Having abandoned by his parents in a slum, he does not even know their names. He was rescued from the streets by a charitable organisation … Continue reading

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Idol Worship?

Veneration of images is a matter of contention between Catholics and the separated brethren, especially the Pentecostals. St. John Damascene (AD. 676-749), a saint from Eastern Church enlightens us on the long standing Christian tradition of using icons and images … Continue reading

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Wholeness, Justice and Purpose in Sexual Relationship

Wholeness: Human beings become whole when their body, mind, spirit and soul and united into one. This unity in a person makes sense or becomes evident only when one makes meaningful relationship/connectedness with other human beings. The famous saying “No … Continue reading

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What gives wholeness to sexual relationships?

Sexual relationship: State of connectedness between people (especially an emotional connection). Human beings, being social beings are ever in relationships. Their social nature prompts them to reach out towards the other – this other, for believers in God is perceived as … Continue reading

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Vocation is Becoming Ourself… Oneself

Note: This brief reflective article tries to look at vocation as discovering oneself in truth, knowing who you are and answering to life-choices as per one’s inclination and God’s promptings in our hearts. Dictionary explains “Vocation” as art, trade, career, … Continue reading

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Know Your Spiritual DNA

We have all heard of DNA. It is deoxyribonucleic acid, the hereditary material in humans that is passed on from generation to generation. We are identified with a particular generation or a species because of possessing a particular DNA. In … Continue reading

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ROSARY: A Simple and Profound Prayer

Rosary has been a simple and short-cut for many saints to go to heaven and grow in spirituality. They advocated praying of the Rosary convincingly. St. Padre Pio said, “Go to the Madonna. Love her! Always say the Rosary. Say … Continue reading

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Need for Private Order Bill

Pubic Order Management Act in Uganda is often a contentious issue. People who advocated it in a previous situation regret supporting it when they find themselves in another situation today. Public order is build on “Private Order”. The direction of … Continue reading

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Maturing in Discipleship

Understanding the complexities of life with empathy. It is being able to understand the realities of life in black and white, either-or, good as well as bad. It is also understanding the movements of our hearts and our motives. Describing … Continue reading

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