The shepherding activities of a Christian minister are Pastoral Work and when it is enjoyed and cherished it becomes “musings”. The minister could be a youth leader, a school teacher, a catechist, or a priest. The minister, who is a pastoral agent is expected to be creative in ministry, especially when doing ministry among young people.

“Musings” means ‘thinking, meditating, planning and more so enjoying the ministry’. It is fruitful execution of pastoral activity. It is born out of love and dedication of the minister. Indeed when shepherding the flock is enjoyed and cherished they become “musings”. The musings of a happy minister can be of help others in the ministry as well as to the flock.

Hence, this website aims to help leaders, teachers, parents and other pastoral workers through reflection and “tried-out” techniques of the author. Most of the reflection are in the context of youth ministry as inspired by St. John Bosco (Don Bosco), the Father and Teacher of Youth. The ministry experience is largely from Uganda, the Pearl of Africa.

Wishing you a fruitful and adventurous Christian ministry, especially among the young.

Lazar Arasu SDB

Catholic Chaplain for Refugees in Palabek Refugee Settlement, Lamwo District, Archdiocese of Gulu

Salesians of Don Bosco, Atede Parish, Gulu, Uganda.

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Rev. Fr. Lazar Arasu SDB

cropped-Fr.-Arasu.jpgLazar Arasu, a son of a soldier was born in 1968 in the Himalaya mountains in the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Later the family moved to their native state of Tamil Nadu in the southern end of India where he did his primary education. His childhood dream of becoming a priest took him to Don Bosco minor seminary in Thanjavur at the age of 12 where he did his secondary education.

His first Religious Profession as a Salesian of Don Bosco was on 24 May 1987 at Coimbatore and later graduated in philosophy in Salesian College, Yercaud, India. During his initial formation he chose to go to the missions and left for East Africa at the age of 20. After completing his Bachelor degree in Theology at Tangaza College, Nairobi, Kenya, Lazar Arasu was ordained a Catholic priest on 4 May 1998.

Thanks to the Salesians of Don Bosco he received excellent education in the best of schools. In his Master’s degree in English Literature he secured First Class from Loyola College (affiliated to the University of Madras) and again passed with merit in another Master’s degree in Pastoral Theology at Boston College, Massachusetts.  Both are distinguished Jesuit Universities in India and the USA respectively.

In line with his religious society Fr. Arasu is passionate about education and youth ministry. He exercised his pastoral ministry mostly in the educational institutions: Teacher at Salesian Seminary in Mafinga (1990-1992), southern Tanzania, Headmaster at St. Mary’s Secondary School, Namaliga-Bombo (2000-2011) and Director at St. Joseph Vocational Training Centre, Kamuli (2013- ), both in Uganda.

Besides being a school administrator, Fr. Arasu finds time for pastoral work in villages, animating retreats, giving motivational talks and writing in print media. From 2011 he developed a passion for writing. His “Pastoral Musings” spring from his pastoral and educational experience in schools, youth centres and pastoral interactions with numerous people who walk different paths in life. This website was launched on 22nd November 2015 that marks 25 years of his missionary life in East Africa.

Arasu with Pope 2In this website, the visitors can find over 200 articles written in journalistic style on pastoral work, school management, basics in past oral theology, lives of saints, youth columns and youth ministry materials. These articles were published in Leadership magazine, Salesian Bulletins and newspapers such as Munno Voice, New Vision and Monitor, all published in Uganda. The website also contains talks and homilies given at seminars and spiritual retreats. (Left, Fr. Arasu was a papal journalist during Pope’s visit to Uganda, November 2015)

“Pastoral Musings” intends to serve young people, teachers and other pastoral agents to help them to grow in Christian faith and ministry. They are also good aids for liturgical celebrations and youth programmes.

Fr. Arasu will be pleased to hear your comments and suggestions regarding this website–its improvement and usefulness. Visitors to this website are welcome to use its content freely, but they are asked to contact the author for any form of storing and publishing purpose.





THEOLOGY OF MINISTRY: Pastoral Theology is a branch of theological study on church’s pastoral activities. This section contains blogs on various topics pastoral activities and experiences of the author and makes suggestions to improve upon them. Here readers will also find pastoral activities and instruction of Pope Francis

SPIRITUALITY: This section contains homilies and reflections on spiritual themes. Readers will also find Power Point presentations handy for their programmes.

SAINTS: This section contains author’s “Saint of the Month” columns published in Leadership magazine. During the Year of Mercy you will find reflections on particular saints known for mercy.

EDUCATION: Several articles on pedagogy, particularly on Salesian System of Preventive System and practical matters on school management can be seen here.

YOUTH MINISTRY: Here Fr. Arasu presents practical tips and reflections on Youth Ministry according to the Salesian charism of St. John Bosco

PARABLES: Real life experiences are narrated in imaginary fashion that makes interesting reading. They are useful for group discussion and re-telling to young people. They are mostly in Secondary School context.

VOCATIONS: This column invites young people to join hands with the Salesians to work as priests, brothers and sisters. Those interested may contact Fr. Arasu or other Salesian communities. Here you can also find activities of the Salesians done in Uganda.


Appreciation from my former teacher:

Dear Lazar Arasu, what a beautiful work you have done and are doing with Musings. You have enormous capacity to write on so many themes. I went into your educational parables to get started. Lovely work. Wish you every good blessing to continue your work. Please count me as one of your fans !

Anbudan, I. Raj